The series of fortunate events. ♡

Working five jobs on top of a school schedule and social life. Having an identity crisis at the age of 21. Caretaking for an ex diagnosed with epilepsy. Totaling my car, having digestive issues, and having relationship doubts all at once. Contemplating life on earth. Some would call these tragic, but I call them fortunate. Last year, I ordered some takeout at a subpar Chinese restaurant. Of course I had to eat the fortune cookie and read the fortune inside (what’s good Chinese food without some soul ties to it?). What I read inside changed the trajectory of my thinking: “The people and events in your life will help you change for the better.” It made me think about significant moments …

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UNLEASH your potential. ♡

“Fear not, I am with you” Isaiah 41:10 I struggle with perfection–I want everything to be clean and dandy before presenting it to the world. I don’t want the world to see the blood, sweat and tears but only the big smile that comes along with all the hard work. I feel like The Lord has been calling me to use my talents to spread His love, but my earthly desires of being in control and planning everything to the tee deters me. I get overwhelmed by all the steps that are needed that I end up saying “no thanks–it’s too much.” But at the end of the day, The Lord wants us to say “yes” to what is good …

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