UNLEASH your potential. ♡

“Fear not, I am with you”

Isaiah 41:10

I struggle with perfection–I want everything to be clean and dandy before presenting it to the world. I don’t want the world to see the blood, sweat and tears but only the big smile that comes along with all the hard work.

I feel like The Lord has been calling me to use my talents to spread His love, but my earthly desires of being in control and planning everything to the tee deters me. I get overwhelmed by all the steps that are needed that I end up saying “no thanks–it’s too much.” But at the end of the day, The Lord wants us to say “yes” to what is good and what is love. The Lord wants us to persevere and have faith that all things will succeed and thrive because He’ll be there. He’ll be there when we stumble, when we fall, when we climb, and when we achieve. Our society fears of failure and that we’re not good enough to make it big. But in God’s eyes, we are enough, we have already made it big, and we have the potential to reach new heights with Him. We can make it through with the power of His love.

Us humans always get bogged down with the “what ifs.” What if people won’t like my work? What if the story doesn’t make resonate? What if it takes too much time or money? All these questions are driven from fear and comparison–traps of the devil that will suffocate us if we let it. If we let it.

Why don’t we choose into what God calls us to do? What if we ask less of “God, what can you do for me?” and more of “God, what can I do for you?”? Because at the end of the day, whatever you do, you are enough, and you will make it through. You will aspire and make those dreams of yours come true because God has your back–there is nothing to fear.

~Inspo behind this story~

I had a sudden urge on a Saturday morning to write and inspire others. I started getting hung up in the “how am I going to make this happen?”, but then I paused and asked God for me to put my faith and trust in Him. I started journaling and meditating my fears and doubts, and He whispered to me:

“I’m ready for you to unleash your potential”

Without hesitation, I started brainstorming more than I have ever done in three years of this aspiration, and I realized that I followed by desires based on God’s will without having earthly desires getting in the way.

I’ve never been more motivated until…writer’s block. Oh no, what am I going to write about? Where do I start? The Lord stopped my swirling thoughts by saying, “fear not, I am with you.” So I just listened to His call and kept writing…and writing…and writing. And guess what? I’m going to post it unedited–raw in its best form. Without anyone’s feedback, without my writer’s brain trying to consolidate and make sense of everything. The Lord wants us just the way we are–unfiltered. He wants all of us–not any parts hidden or camouflaged. And that’s how I want to show up to the world–showing all parts of me without any hesitation and loving myself for it. So here’s to unleashing our potential and God’s glory unfiltered.

So go write that book, launch that podcast, or become the best politician or chef out there–The Lord is with you and in you always. Do not fear ♡

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